Shoulder Pain Relief

To get relief from shoulder pain, lying on your side is the most effective position for stretching and massage. To lengthen the shoulder muscles, bring one arm up and over the head and hold position for at least one minute. Repeat this stretch two to three times on each side. Stretching tense muscles is very important to do before massage because it lengthens the target muscle and opens up the jointed area.shoulder pain relief with stones

The brachial nerve plexus, which supplies the arm, may be affected by soft tissue dysfunction in the shoulder area. Take in consideration the location of the brachial nerve, and massage around the nerve. Be careful not to work directly on the nerve, and be aware of any painful areas close to it. The painful areas around the nerve and numbness in the fingers are an indication of nerve impingement. Massaging the shoulder from front to back will help to reduce muscle tension and soften connective tissue in the area.

A professional therapeutic massage will help for your shoulder pain.